"Bodies and Ruins: Imagining the Bombing of Germany, 1945-Present"

Thu, November 18, 2010 | AT&T Center, Carillon Mezzanine, PDR 4

8:00 PM

A talk by Dr. David Crew, Distinguished Teaching Professor of History.
When the Allies liberated the concentration camps in the spring of 1945, they took photographs of the dead and dying inmates which they believed would compel Germans to acknowledge their complicity in Nazi crimes. Germans responded with other photographs of the cities destroyed by Allied bombs, claiming these images showed that ordinary Germans, too, were victims of the war, not perpetrators or accomplices. 
Professor Crew will discuss one example of the ways Germans used photography after 1945 to depict Nazism, the Holocaust and World War Two, and he will examine how this attempt to create a visual antidote to the photographs from the camps has shaped German visual memory of the war since 1945. 
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Seating Is limited.

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