A lecture by Dr. Alec Mishory, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Mon, February 28, 2011 | Texas Hillel Library, 2105 San Antonio St.

12:00 PM

The Sacrifice of Isaac by Menashe Kadishman(1987) Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
The Sacrifice of Isaac by Menashe Kadishman(1987) Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Sacrifice and martyrdom play a significant part in Zionist mythology. The sacrifice of Isaac became a common theme expressing ideas of self sacrifice and extreme religious devotion. Many Israeli sculptors and painters treated the subject; their works manifest a crossing of historical and stylistic periods. 

The lecture begins with quotations of the Biblical narrative; it will define the various protagonists of the Biblical scene and show how these are depicted in Christian art. It wil then show how the theme is treated by Jewish artists and will end by stressing The Sacrifice of Isaac's relation to Israeli martyrdom thus explaining who plays whose role in Israeli depictions of the Biblical story and why.

Dr. Alec Mishory is a Lecturer of art history at the Open University in Tel Aviv. He is a well-known author and art critic in Israel and has taught at the prestigious Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem and the State Art Teacher’s College. He was a member of the Visual Arts Committee of the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture’s Organization of Cultural Arts. He is widely published in academic journals and his art critiques are featured in newspapers and on Israel Radio. His books include Still Life: from Depicted Objects to Real Objects (2008), Joseph Budko and H.N. Bialik’s Complete Works Edition of 1923: Modern Hebrew Poetry and Art in Harmony (2006) and Lo and Behold: Visual Aspects of Zionist Myths in Israeli Culture (2000). 

He is a 2010-2011 Schusterman Visiting Israeli Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville 

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