Survivor Leah Johnson on the Jewish resistance

Meet 89-year-old survivor Leah Johnson and hear her inspiring message on the Jewish resistance and how it applies today.

Tue, February 19, 2013 | Chabad Jewish Student Center (2102 Nueces Street, Austin TX 78705)

7:00 PM

Survivor Leah Johnson on the Jewish resistance

Defiance, the movie, comes to life.

Leah Johnson (Bedzowski) was only 18 when the Nazis invaded Lida, forcing the town’s Jews into a ghetto. Leah and her family escaped with the help of a guide sent by Tuvia Bielski and joined the Bielski brigade in the Naliboki forest, where they survived until the end of the war—and where Leah met her husband Velvel “Wolf” Yanson.

Program begins promptly at 7.

View video interviews with Leah here.

Sponsored by: Lida Holocaust Memorial Foundation

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