Tel-Aviv: Past, Present and Future (two presentations)

Tel Aviv: Great Hopes, Great Despair,and a Smile
Esther Raizen, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, UT
Focusing on reactions to events like the founding of Tel Aviv, the expulsion of Jews
from Jaffa in 1917, Yosef Haim Brenner's murder in 1921, and on some snippets of
everyday life, the lecture will offer insights into the place of the First Hebrew City in
the culture of the yishuv and into the evolution of the collective memory associated
with Te

Sun, April 26, 2009 | JCAA, Dell Campus,7300 Hart Lane, Austin

6:30 PM

Tel Aviv as Represented in Orly Castel-Bloom's Literature
Karen Grumberg, Ph.D.
Department of Middle Eastern Studies, UT
The role of Tel Aviv in three works by Israeli novelist Orly Castel-Bloom will be
discussed. How does this city function as a home, if at all, to the contemporary
Israelis portrayed? Her characters struggle in Tel Aviv--a modern, generic
cosmopolitan center thatis alienating and unsentimental. In this respect, Tel Aviv is
at once home and exile, Israel and the Diaspora, the Middle East and the European
West. In contrast to the unreachable, mythical, static core of the Jewish homeland
that is Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, in its ever-shifting vitality, seems an attainable and
appropriate home for the Jew. Co-sponsored by the Hadassah Book Club; the
Hebrew Book Club; and The Hebrew Studies Program, Department of Middle Eastern
Studies at the University of Texas

Sponsored by: JCAA

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