Talk: "Kugel and Frijoles: Latino Jews in the U.S."

Dr. Laura Limonic (SUNY Old Westbury)

Wed, October 30, 2019 | RLP 1.302D

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

image from Laura Limonic
image from Laura Limonic


Professor Laura Limonic (SUNY Old Westbury) discusses Jewishness, race, ethnicity, and immigration through the stories of Latino Jews in the United States.  Limonic explores how ethnicity is constructed for new immigrants in the United States by asking key questions on identity such as: How do Latino Jews identify? Can they choose their identity or is it assigned to them? How is ethnicity strategic or instrumental? Drawing on the experiences of Latino Jewish immigrants, the historical roots of Jewish migration streams to Latin America and a sociological comparative perspective,  Limonic discusses how group constructionn is never static, and, in particular, how race, religion, and class are increasingly important mediating factors in defining ethnicity and ethnic identity.  As the Latino population continues to grow in the United States, so does the influence of millions of Latinos on U.S. culture, politics, economy, and social structure. Limonic’s talk offers new insight with which to understand the diversity of Latinos, the incorporation of contemporary Jewish immigrants, and the effect of U.S. ethno-racial structures for immigrant assimilation.

This event is free and open to the public.

Sponsored by: Gale Collaborative on Jewish Life in the Americas

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