Core Faculty

Robert Abzug
Social reform and religious life in antebellum America, America and the Holocaust, psychology and religion in modern American culture.

Miriam Bodian
Sephardic Jews in Europe; the history of the Inquisition and the Reformation; informing the broader history of late Medieval and early modern Europe; the Jewish presence in the Atlantic world.

Pascale Bos
Dutch postwar literature and culture in comparative perspective, especially Jewish literature and literature about WW II (Memory of WW II); German-Jewish literature and history; history and literature of the Holocaust, Holocaust and gender, Holocaust and (trans-generational) trauma.

David Crew
History of popular culture and consumerism in 20th-century Germany and Europe; history and politics of memory; visual history of Germany in the twentieth century, with a specific focus on photographic representations.

David J. Eaton
Water; natural resources; agriculture; health; urban services; water management in the Jordan River Basin; public administration, management, and dispute resolution.

Karen Grumberg
Contemporary Hebrew literature; comparative Jewish literatures (Hebrew, French, English).

Michael Harney
Medieval and Renaissance Spanish literature; literary theory; Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Spain

John Hoberman
European cultural and intellectual history; Sportwissenschaft; history of ideas about race.

Tatjana Lichtenstein
Borderlands; diaspora and migration; gender, sexuality and family; modern Europe; race, Ethnicity and nation; religion and culture.

Naomi Lindstrom
Cultures of the Latin American Jewish Diaspora; gender studies; comparative study of Jewish life in the Americas (Latin America, U.S., and Canada)

Joan Neuberger
Modern Russian culture in social and political context.

Mary C. Neuburger
Modern southeastern Europe; ethnic conflict; nationalism; material culture; gender.

Martha Newman
Medieval Christian monasticism; monastic miracle collections; monastic attitudes toward women and the poor.

Ami Pedahzur
Terrorism, counterterrorism and political extremism.

Esther L. Raizen
Modern and classical Hebrew language, linguistics and literature; Hebrew as a foreign language; Jewish history and culture; computer-assisted instruction and computational linguistics; academic advising and student development.

Rebecca Rossen
Jewish identity and American postmodern culture.

Suzanne Seriff
Representations of Jews in American public sphere; material culture of American Jewish life; public history and museum studies.

Alexander Weinreb
Social and political demographics; data collection methods; anti-Semitism

Amelia Weinreb
Urban anthropology; cultural anthropology; multiculturalism in Israel.

L. Michael White
Religions of the Roman Empire, focusing heavily on the social context of Jews and Christians in the Graeco-Roman period by blending historical, literary, and sociological research with traditional biblical studies and archaeological field work.