Cross Listing with Jewish Studies

The Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies encourages and welcomes cross-listings.  In order for a course to be considered for cross listing, it has to have a minimum of 30% Jewish Studies content.  To have a course considered for cross listing, please submit the following materials to the center’s Executive Committee:

  1. Instructor’s CV
  2. For a new course: a detailed course description that includes content, required readings, assignments, and grade breakdown. For an existing course: a copy of the syllabus
  3. Paragraph-long explanation of how it meets the 30% rule if not clear from the course description or syllabus

The Curriculum Committee (SCJS’s EC) will consider the request as soon as possible. Scheduling and enrollment issues will be part of the Committee’s considerations.

For any further information and to submit materials to the Executive Committee, please contact Tatjana Lichtenstein, Director, Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies and Associate Professor of History,