SCJS opposes academic boycotts

Thu, January 16, 2014

The Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies unequivocally supports the position of University of Texas President William C. Powers, the Association of American Universities, and many other academics, universities, scholarly associations, and departments in opposition to all academic boycotts. The recent resolution of the American Studies Association calling for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions directly violates the spirit and principle of academic freedom and potentially damages the rights of students and faculty as well as the quality and reputation of American universities.

We find particularly alarming the singling out of Israeli universities, institutions that rank among the finest in the world and foster the freest and most vigorous exchange of ideas. Israeli faculty and universities have made and continue to make extraordinary contributions in every area of scholarship. The Schusterman Center has been honored and enriched by the presence of distinguished Israeli faculty, artists, and intellectuals, and by cooperative programs with Israeli academic institutions and organizations. We will proudly continue to expand this interaction through our Israel Studies Collaborative. Furthermore, our own faculty and the center itself will continue to participate in meetings at Israeli universities, to work with Israeli colleagues, and to pursue opportunities for our students and faculty in Israel with the support of Israeli institutions.

Robert H. Abzug, Director
Naomi E. Lindstrom, Associate Director

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