Option in Israel Studies

Jewish studies majors with a special interest in Israel can earn an Option in Israel Studies (OIS). To earn the OIS, students must complete six semester credit hours of upper-division coursework focused on Israel (these courses may also count toward the Jewish Studies major), chosen from an approved list; and three semester credit hours of Middle Eastern Studies not focused on Israel (MES course must be pre-approved by the Israel Studies Faculty Coordinator). All three courses must be content courses; language courses will not count toward the OSI.

Students in the OIS are encouraged but not required to use Hebrew or Arabic to fulfill their foreign language requirement. 

Approved Courses Focused on Israel:

Multicultural Israel (JS 365C, ANT 322D, MES 341.8)

Israel/Palestine – Cultural Perspectives (JS 363.23, CL 323.64, MES 342.56, MEL 321.40)

Palestine & the Palestinians: A Journey Through Time (MES 342.31, MEL 321.21)

Israel: Society & Politics (JS 364.10, GOV 366I)

Arab-Israeli Politics (MES 341.5)

Israel: Space/Place/Landscape (MES 310.7, ANT 311C)

History of Israel (JS 311.7)

Israel Through Its Literature (JS 363.17, CL 323.15, MEL 321.5, MES 342.5)

Comparative Jewish Literatures: Israel, France, the US (JS 363.22, MEL 321.38, MES 342.38)

Minorities in Israel (JS 365.15, MES 342.46)

Cultural Geographies of Israel (JS 365D, ANT 322G, MES 341.10)

Please contact Dr. Karen Grumberg (keren@austin.utexas.edu), Israel Studies Faculty Coordinator, if you have questions about the Option in Israel Studies.