Degree Requirements


The Major for all active catalogs consists of 27 semester hours (18 hours upper division) of the following coursework:

  • 3 hours chosen from one of these two introductory courses:
    • JS 304M “Jewish Civilization:Beginning to 1492” (usually offered in the fall term)
    • JS 304N “Jewish Civilization: 1492 to Present” (usually offered in the spring term)
  • 3 additional hours of lower division Jewish Studies. For example:
    • JS 311 “Jewish Studies: An Intro” (usually offered in the fall term)
    • JS 311 “Introduction to Jewish Latin America” (usually offered in the spring term)
    • JS 311 “Intro to the Old Testament”
  • 6 hours of Jewish Studies Courses in Humanities (or a comparable course, please see your academic advisor). For example:
    • JS 363 “Imagining Genocide”
    • JS 363 “Debating Genesis”
    • JS 363 “Jewish Folklore”
    • JS 363 “Abraham & Abrahamic Religion"
  • 6 hours of Jewish Studies Courses in History and Social Science (or a comparable course, please see your academic advisor). For example:
    • JS 364 “Intro to the Holocaust”
    • JS 364 “Paul and His Social World”
    • JS 364 “UT Jews in the Civil Rights Era”
    • JS 364 “The Dead Sea Scrolls”
    • JS 364 “Germany since Hitler”
    • JS 365 “Holocaust Aftereffects”
    • JS 365 “Spatializing Culture”
  • 9 additional hours of Jewish Studies, 6 of which must be upper division

Degree Requirements by Catalog

Degree requirements vary by catalog year. Consult with the Jewish Studies academic advisor, Dr. Cynthia Gladstone ( to be certain about degree requirements.


There is no additional language requirement for the Jewish Studies major. We encourage you to visit our Languages page to see how your choice of foreign language can intersect with courses in Jewish Studies.

Students are encouraged to use Hebrew or Yiddish to fulfill the foreign language requirement. 

Minor for Jewish Studies majors:

The minor for Jewish studies majors for the 2012-14 and 2014-16 catalogs comprise 12 semester hours, including at least 6 hours of upper-division coursework, in any one other field of study in the University. If the minor is in a foreign language other than that used to fulfill the Liberal Arts foreign language requirement, the minor may be a complete lower-division language sequence. It must include 12 hours total and 6 hours in residence. Check out a comprehensive list of minors and certificate programs in the College of Liberal Arts here.

For the 2016-18 and 2018-20 minor, please contact the Jewish Studies Undergraduate Advisor Dr. Cynthia Gladstone (