Degree Requirements

Major: The Major for all active catalogs consists of 27 semester hours (18 hours upper division) of the following coursework:

--3 hours chosen from JS 304M (Jewish Civilization: Beginning to 1492) or JS 304N (Jewish Civilization: 1492 to Present)

--3 additional hours of lower division Jewish Studies 

--6 hours of JS 363 (Topics in Humanities, or comparable courses identified by the faculty adviser)

--6 hours of JS 364 or 6 hours of JS 365 or 3 hours of JS 364 and 3 hours of JS 365 (Topics in History and Social Science, or comparable courses identified by the faculty adviser) 

--9 additional hours of Jewish Studies, 6 of which must be upper division

Students are encouraged to use Hebrew or Yiddish to fulfill the foreign language requirement. 

Minor for Jewish Studies majors: The minor for Jewish studies majors for the 2010-12, 2012-14, 2014-16 catalogs comprises 12 semester hours, including at least 6 hours of upper-division coursework, in any one other field of study in the University. If the minor is in a foreign language other than that used to fulfill the Liberal Arts  foreign language requirement, the minor may be a complete lower-division language sequence. It must include 12 hours total and 6 hours in residence.

For the 2016-18 minor, please contact the Jewish Studies Undergraduate Advisor (  Link to COLA minors and certificate programs


Additional Information