Undergraduate Major

Over the past several decades, Jewish Studies has emerged as a recognized field of interdisciplinary study in the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.  Combining courses in such traditional academic disciplines as religion, history, philosophy, language and literature, sociology, and political science, programs in Jewish Studies have examined the role of Jewish thought, the role of Jews in various societies and epochs, and the prevalence of specifically Jewish themes in literary and other artistic modes. At the same time, current academic concerns with the evolution of cultural identity across national boundaries, and constructions of nation, race, and ethnicity, are enriched when refracted through the complex lens of Jewish experience.

The Jewish Studies major and courses at The University of Texas have been designed to reflect this dynamic complexity of Jewish histories, literatures, populations, traditions, and transformations wherever they have existed. As a richly diversified field, Jewish Studies at UT has embraced a wide range of interrelated studies including history, archaeology, languages, literature, textual analysis, ritual studies, sociology, art, and religious thought. The program currently draws upon faculty from more than ten departments in the College of Liberal Arts, and in the future will encompass an even wider range of expertise.

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