Study Abroad

The program provides opportunities for archaeological fieldwork in Israel either at the University sponsored project at Tel Yin'am in the Lower Galilee, or at another approved excavation sponsored by Universities in Israel. The program also provides the opportunity for on-site study of historical remains of Jewish communities in Europe and the Middle East.

Several study abroad programs at the University of Texas complement the Jewish Studies Major. Recommended programs include the Normandy Scholars Program, Tracking Cultures, and Mediterranean Crossroads. Students would also benefit from study at universities in Israel and other countries.

Students are eligible to apply for financial support for Study Abroad through the UT Study Abroad Office.

CET's Jewish Studies in Prague Program

Spend a semester or summer in the beautiful city of Prague learning about the Jewish experience in Central and Eastern Europe. Choose from a selection of Jewish Studies courses, including Jewish history, literature, or the Holocaust. You'll partipicate in a wide selection of activities organized in Prague, as well as a 10-day study trip to Poland and a weekend trip to Budapest to learn about the Jewish experience there. All students also participate in community service projects in the Jewish community. For more information about courses, the city of Prague, trips, activities, and to download an application go to the website

UT is currently in the process of pursuing direct affiliation with CET so that students may directly transfer credit and financial aid.