Slavic and Eurasian Studies

From Red To Gray: Aging in the Russian Federation

April 6, 2001

Knopf Room of the Flawn Academic Center

9:00- 9:15     Opening Remarks

9:15- 10:15    Session One: Population Aging in Russia: Demographic and Health Issues

“Demographic Trends in Russia’s Population Aging”,
Dr. Victoria Velkoff, Chief of Aging Studies, U.S. Census,  
“Population Aging and the Russian Demographic ‘Crisis’”,
Dr. Julie DaVanzo, Labor and Population Research Section, Rand Corporation, 

Dr. Velkoff, acting chief of the Aging Section of the United States Census, 
has agreed to moderate our first session on the demographic and health trends associated with population aging in Russia. Dr. Velkoff will be joined by Dr. Julie DaVanso, a Senior Research Fellow at the RAND Corporation, a noted demographer and author of a recent Rand monograph, Russia’s Demographic Crisis: How Real is it?.

10:30- 12:00    Session Two:  Economic Implications of Population Aging in Russia

"Demographic Trends and Economic Performance During Transition:  The Russian Experience",
Prof. Vladimir Popov, Carleton University, Ottawa Canada,

 "Opportunity or Desperation?  The Elderly and the Labor Market in the Post-Soviet Era",
Prof. Theodore Gerber, University of Arizona, 

 "Geographic Aspects of Population Aging in the Russian Federation",

Dr. Timothy Heleniak, The World Bank,

Prof. Vladimir Popov, formerly of the Moscow Institute of Economics, will moderate this session as well as present a paper on the economics of pension reform. He will be joined by Dr. Timothy Heleniak, World Bank, the author of several articles and chapters on demographic change in the former Soviet Union. He will present a paper on demographic development and their economic implications. Professor Ted Gerber, University of Arizona, will round out our discussion with an analysis of elderly workers in the current Russian labor market.

1:30- 3:30    Session Three: The Politics of Aging in the Russian Federation

 “Political Parties and Elderly Incorporation in Russia”,
Prof. Robert Moser, The University of Texas, Austin,

 “Russian Health Care and Health Insurance”,
Prof. Judy Twigg, Virginia Commonwealth University,

“The Politics of Pension Reform”,

Prof.  Andrea Chandler, Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, 

Prof. Judy Twigg, with Mark Fields, is the editor of the recent text, “Russia’s Torn Safety Net,”.  She will discuss the elderly as they relate to political issues of concern, such as health care provision and insurance.  Joining Professor Twigg will be Prof.Robert Moser. Prof. Moser  is a nationally recognized scholar of the Russian party system, who will give a paper on regionalism and party politics towards pensioner concerns.  Prof. Andrea Chandler, Carleton University Ottowa CA, will complete the panel with a discussion of pensions as a political issue. Prof. Chandler is the author of "Institutions of Isolation: Border Controls in the Soviet Union and its Successor States, 1917-1993.", and her current research project is on causes and consequences of Russia's pension reform crisis.

3:00- 3:30    Student Poster Presentations

3:30- 4:30    Session Four: The Social Implications of Population Aging in Russia

“Family Matters: Intergenerational Wealth Transfers and Survival Networks”,
Prof. Cynthia Buckley
, The University of Texas, Austin,

“Public Opinion and the Russian Pensioners”,

Dr. Larrisa Kosova, Senior Researcher All Russian Center on Public Opinion Research,

Professor Cynthia Buckley is the author of several articles and chapters on various aspects of population aging in Russia. Her paper will focus on the importance of Russian elderly as a source of support within families, highlighting the importance of gender. Joining her will be Dr. Larissa Kosova, All Russian Center for Public Opinion Studies. Dr. Kosova leads a study group at VTsIOM, the largest social research firm in Russia, who will present a paper on the social attitudes and perceptions of Russian elderly using public opinion research on social conditions and developments between 1990 and 2000.

4:30-5:00    Roundtable Discussion

5:00- 5:30    Closing Remarks


From Red to Gray


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