Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Exporting Democracy: What Democracies Can and Cannot Do

April 20-21, 2007

April 20, Friday

9:30- 9:35      Welcome
Zoltan Barany and Robert G. Moser
Department of Government, University of Texas

9:35- 9:50       Introduction: Promoting Democracy
Marc F. Plattner
National Endowment for Democracy

10:00-10:45    The Morality of Exporting Democracy: An Historical-Philosophical Perspective
Thomas Pangle
Department of Government, University of Texas

11:00-11:45     Democratization, Conflict, and Trade
Edward Mansfield
Department of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

2:00- 2:45        Resolving Deep Communal Divisions: Can Democracy Help?
Daniel Chirot
Department of Government, University of Texas and Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

3:00-3:45         Democracy, Civil Society, and the Problem of Tolerance
Adam Seligman
Department of Religion, Boston University

4:00-4:45         Does It Matter How a Constitution Is Created?
John Carey
Department of Government, Dartmouth College

April 21, Saturday

9:00- 9:45         Electoral Engineering in New Democracies:  Can Preferred Electoral Outcomes Be Engineered?
Robert G. Moser

10:00-10:45      Building Democratic Armies
Zoltan Barany

11:00-11:45       Exporting Democracy: Does It Work?
Mitchell Seligson
Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University

1:00- 1:30         Conclusion and Final Remarks
Nancy Bermeo
Department of Politics, Princeton University
Zoltan Barany and Robert G. Moser
Department of Government, University of Texas

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Exporting Democracy

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