Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Presentation: "Enhancing Foreign Language Learning with Internet Activities: Intermediate French Cultural Materials with Clare Perry"

Wed, January 22, 2014 | Texas Union Sinclair Suite (UNB 3.128)


This presentation is applicable to all languages and teaches language teachers how to use the internet and media outlets to language exposure and learning. Join us for this presentation by Clare Perry of the French and Italian Department on Wednesday, January 22nd at noon!

Today the foreign language classroom necessitates an exposure to relevant Internet and media outlets in the target language. By designing activities around authentic and popular French Internet sites, students are able to interact with the French language through websites of cultural significance. Such activities provide students with opportunities to compare similar websites while enhancing reading, writing, and speaking skills in the target language. Ms. Perry's activities use social media sites (Facebook, Twitter), transportation outlets (RATP), and important commercial and educational sites (Monoprix, Bibliothèque Nationale) to introduce new vocabulary and cultural concepts.

Sponsored by: Texas Language Center

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