Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Unfinished Piece for a Player Piano

Wed, July 1, 2009 | GRG 102

7:00 PM

1977, 103 min.

Family, friends and former lovers gather at a country estate of a general's widow, and amidst parlor games and idle talk, a forbidden love is rekindled to the rapturous music of Lizt, Rachmaninov and Donizetti. Will these young lovers sacrifice all they know to pursue a lost dream? This drama, based on the works of Russian legend Anton Chekov is sure to capture your mind and emotions.

Nikita Mikhalkov is one of Russia's most famous directors. His films have won international acclaim and numerous awards. In addition, he has appeared in more than 40 movies. His fame, his strong nationalist views, and his close ties to former Russian president, now Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin have brought him both praise and controversy. This summer we will follow his directorial career from his debut (At Home Among Strangers, 1974) to his recent, most well-known works (Burnt by the Sun, Barber of Siberia). Mikhalkov's newest film, 12, recently opened in US theatres.

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