Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Film Shutka

Directed by Aleksandar Manic

Wed, April 30, 2008 | GRG 102

7:00 PM

Shutka, a small town deep in the Balkans, is considered by many to be among the poorest places in Europe. But for those who call Shutka home, a man’s wealth is not determined by money. In Shutka, the wealthy man is the man who knows how to “reinvent” himself. Perhaps this is why it is said that in Shutka, competition, folklore and mysticism thrive like nowhere else. For Shutka is a place where canaries, pigeons and ganders are trained to compete for trophies in singing, flying and boxing; where evil genies and vampires are exterminated with fire and with sheer willpower; where popular songs are composed in less than 15 minutes; and where God is worshiped more than anywhere else in the world. All films in the Romani Film Series have English subtitles.

Sponsored by: CREEES, The Romani Archives and Documentation Center, DSES

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