Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Lecture The Institutionalization of Russian Elites

Fri, April 18, 2008 | Burdine 214

12:00 PM

Alexander Duka, author and editor of the 2001 publication Regional Elites of Russia's North-West: Political and Economic Orientations, and a chapter in the 2003 Dynamics of Russian Politics: Putin's Reform of Federal-Regional Relations, is a continuing contributor to numerous Russian language periodicals concerning the solidification of the Russian Elite structure. His research intersts include Russian political culture, and the prevalence and dominance of elite-driven governmental structures in the north-west regions of the Russian Federation. He currently is the Head of the Department on Sociology of Authorities, Power Structures and Civil Society in the Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Sponsored by: CREEES, Department of Government, Department of Sociology

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