Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Film Gadjo dilo

Directed by Tony Garlif

Wed, April 16, 2008 | GRG 102

7:00 PM

Stéphane, a young Frenchman from Paris, has decided to travel to Romania. He is searching for Nora Luca, a singer beloved by his late father. Wandering along a frozen road, Stéphane meets the elderly Izidor—a Roma tinker—and tells him of Nora Luca and his search. Izidor seems to understand, and takes Stéphane to his village. Believing that Izidor will take him to Nora Luca when the time has come, Stéphane lives with his friend in the tinker village for several months. At first, the other villagers distrust the foreign visitor, but eventually come embrace him as one of their own. With the onset of summer, tensions ease between Stéphane and the beautiful Sabina, but as she begins to translate for the Frenchman, he comes to realize that no one has understood a single thing he had said. All films in the Romani Film Series have English subtitles.

Sponsored by: CREEES, The Romani Archives and Documentation Center, DSES

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