Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Faculty Forms

CREEES receives funding from the US Department of Education each year through our Title VI NRC grant to support faculty research and travel to conferences.

To request funding, please complete the Faculty Professional Development  - OR - Teaching/Research Funding Request form.

*UT travel restrictions apply


Who can apply:

  • All DSES/CREEES faculty
  • All UT faculty affiliated with DSES/CREEES working in or on the REEE region


Note: UT has a Faculty Travel Grant that is not serviced by DSES/CREEES. Available to Tenure/Tenure-Track faculty and Senior Lecturers.



DSES/CREEES Faculty Purchase Requests 

All Faculty can submit a DSES Faculty Purchase Request to request specific items for the Department to purchase, once they have submitted a Faculty Professional Development  - OR - Teaching/Research Funding Request form and received approval. However, if you are using your own research funds, you don't need prior approval and can submit the Faculty Purchase Request at any time.
Please note that all UT purchase rules apply to these purchases, so office supplies and technology requests must be purchased through UT Market and the Campus Computer Store, and items that require special authorization (furniture/technology, expensive items, etc.) to purchase will result in additional information requested by the Department.


Who can apply:

  • All DSES/CREEES Faculty


DSES/CREEES Event Funding Requests

If you are a DSES/CREEES faculty member and you would like to request funding for an event, please fill out the DSES/CREEES Event Funding/Co-Sponsorship Request survey. DSES/CREEES staff will review your request and let you know if it is disapproved, approved, or approved with amendments. Please note that submitting a request is not a guarantee of funding. Do not make any promises or commitments to speakers, organizations, etc. without the formal approval email. Also, any approved funds may be subject to our federal Title VI grant restrictions. If so, these will be outlined in the approval email.

Please give us at least a 30 day notice before the event, but the more lead time, the better. 


Who can apply:

  • All DSES/CREEES Faculty



Hiring Requests

If you're looking to hire an hourly student worker to support your research or project, please use this Hiring Request Form.  The processing time for hiring varies case-by-case, so please allow our office at least 3-weeks lead time from when you would like the student to begin working.
NOTE:  Any work conducted/completed prior to an approved hire is considered voluntary work.  We want to pay these students if they're working, so please let us know in advance.  

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