Slavic and Eurasian Studies

CREEES and Slavic graduate students to serve as liaisons for McComb’s School Prague Summer Program

Thu, January 28, 2010

This summer, Agnes Sekowski  and Filip Zachoval will have the pleasure of spending six weeks in Prague as liaisons to two summer study abroad programs run by the Center for International Business and Education Research (CIBER) at the McCombs School of Business. CIBER has set up a partnership with the University of Economics, the Czech Republic's leading university in the field of management and economics, to allow McCombs students from the Business Honors Program and the Masters in Professional Accounting Program to take courses towards their respective business degrees, all in the setting of one of the most vibrant and beautiful capital cities of Europe.

Agnes said, “As an undergraduate student at McCombs, I had the pleasure to work at CIBER for the last year and a half of my studies as a student advisor and assistant to the summer programs. I am excited to again be able to work with the great team at the Center and especially motivated to work so directly with the students during this international experience for them. I first started working at CIBER because of my belief in expanding one's horizons and gaining the understanding and tolerance for living life from a foreign perspective. I think international scope should be a fundamental component of our education system.”


Filip served as the liaison for the CIBER program last year.  Filip described his duties. “The program liaisons handle administrative work associated with the program, serve as an on-site program coordinator, and act as a cultural ambassador. As part of this responsibility, the liaisons work closely with CIBER staff, faculty leaders, and partner university administrators. I’m excited about being hired for this position and look forward to assisting with the implementation and assessment of the International Accounting Program in Prague and Business Honors Program (BHP) Finance Program in Prague.”


Good luck to both Agnes and Filip.  We look forward to seeing plenty of photos of their summer adventures in Prague.

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