Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Visiting Russian Fulbright Scholar in TLC

Wed, August 31, 2011

   The Texas Language Center is pleased to introduce Vera Dugartsyrenova for the academic year 2011-12. Ms. Dugartsyrenova is a visiting student research fellow in the Fulbright Russian Faculty Development program, and will be engaged in program of research, teaching observation, and model classroom demonstrations during her term her under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Garza in Slavic and Eurasian Studies and the director of the TLC. 
     Ms. Dugartsyrenova comes to Austin from the Department of Linguistics and Information Technology at Moscow State University. In 2008, she defended her dissertation, «Организация учебного процесса в системе довузовской подготовки по иностранному языку в дистанционной форме» [“Curricular Organization in Pre-University Preparation in a Foreign Language through Distance Education”]. Ms. Dugartsyrenova is currently an instructor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, where she teaches courses in English and Business English. She has contributed to and done content editing for numerous online resources for teaching and learning foreign languages. 
     The academic fit between the work being conducted in the TLC and Ms. Dugartsyrenova’s own research interests is very tight, as she is interested in technological applications, especially Internet, in the teaching of foreign languages. The TLC has been pursuing similar tech bases for both in and out of class work, especially in the Intensive model being used in many of the languages now taught at the University of Texas in the six-hours over two semesters, or 6/6, model. In this connection, Ms. Dugartsyrenova will be working with Garza’s Intensive Russian class this year, piloting some her own materials and collecting data for her research, while giving the students in the course authentic contact with the language outside of class. 
     One of Ms. Dugartsyrenova’s more than twenty publications in distance learning and technology in foreign language teaching, «К вопросу о создании эффекта ‘Присуствия’ преподавателя в дистанционном обучении иностранным языкам» [‘’On Creating the Effect of the ‘Present’ Instructor in Foreign Language Distance Education’’], focuses on the pressing issue of the crucial role of the teacher in the distance education environment for foreign langauge instruction. Her work on this and other projects while at the University of Texas will be of great interest to other language educators and students alike. She is scheduled to present on her primary research at one of the ‘’Language Matters’’ talks in the spring semester. 

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