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Siberian Voices Study group is off to Siberia!!!

Fri, June 14, 2013
Siberian Voices Study group is off to Siberia!!!

This photograph was sent from the road on the first major stop on the “Siberian Voices” itinerary.  On June 8, 2013 a group of CREEES students, faculty, and Texas teachers embarked on the trip of a lifetime to Southern Siberia on a US Department of Education Fulbright curriculum development grant. Here CREEES director, Mary Neuburger, is seen in the background (directly left of shaman) of a shamanistic ritual with UT graduate student Jason Roberts (left of Neuburger and behind a camera), and Nick Stamper of James Bowie High School (on the right). Shamanism is re-emerging in force in parts of Southern Siberia, including Tuva, this remote region within the Russian Federation.  Here the shaman is blessing an oboo (shrine) as well as gathered muscisians and spectators prior to opening of a throat singing symposium in Kyzyl, the nearby capital of this region. Experiences like this, we hope will enlighten and inspire participating educators and future educators, who can integrate knowledge of Eurasia into their curricula.

View the picture HERE.

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