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Moscow Plus 2014 - Deadline to Apply Feb. 14, 2014!

Tue, December 17, 2013
Moscow Plus 2014 - Deadline to Apply Feb. 14, 2014!


Moscow Plus Study Abroad Program

This program is open to students from all colleges and schools.

Deadline to Apply:   Feb. 14, 2014


The new Moscow Plus Program still provides first-rate intensive classes in Russian language and culture, but instruction is not confined to the classroom. Bridge course students have opportunities to try out their communication skills in real-life situational environments all over the city of Moscow: in shops, restaurants, business and government establishments—wherever Russian is used in specific situations! Students enroll only for the Second-Summer Session, and will receive five weeks of instruction and participate in cultural excursions and a weekend in St. Petersburg. A UT Resident Director accompanies the group for the duration of its time abroad.

Russian Language Courses:
Beginning and Intermediate levels. Students can earn one full year of Russian language in 10 weeks: first summer session at UT followed by second summer session in Moscow!

Bridge Courses in Language & Culture:
Students must have two years or more of Russian to participate in this  study program in Moscow (second summer session ONLY). Students will take two courses in culture and receive credit for RUS 330 and RUS 369.

First and Second year students earn 8-10 hours of credit upon completion of the program. Bridge course students will earn 6 hours of credit.

See the Moscow Plus program website for more information today!


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