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Students Meet with Delegates from the European Union

Tue, October 29, 2019
Students Meet with Delegates from the European Union

On October 14, 2019, CREEES and the Center for European Studies hosted a meet-and-greet between students and delegates from the European Union. After briefly introducing themselves and the countries they serve, the delegates settled in to conversation with students, who were able to ask about the logistics of foreign service and international diplomacy, all over a casual lunch. Representatives from Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Poland (among others) were part of the informal dialogues. 

Grad student Morgan Henson (Masters candidate in Global Policy/CREEES) spent his time speaking with the representative from Latvia about the Baltic defense against Russian electoral interference and how the Baltics, specifically Latvia, deal with racial or ethnic "others.” Graduate Student Tracy Heim (Masters candidate in Global Policy/CREEES) spoke to the Bulgarian, Polish, and Czech representatives about the differences in foreign service education between countries and the personal trajectories that led them to their careers. Also discussed were the issues threatening their respective countries, such as the decline of mutual trust from the spread of disinformation, and Brexit, which some countries hope might help restore their labor force.


Despite getting off to a late start (more time for pizza!), the representatives shared their time generously and warmly, and the students were able to get a taste of life as a diplomat. Students interested in work or internships overseas in the EU or at respective embassies in Washington DC were able to get more information. Overall, the event was a great introduction to the possibilities that lie ahead for our students.

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