Department of Sociology

Prize Winners

2022 Norval Glenn Prize Winner

Congratulations to Nino Bariola for their paper, "The Gendered Politics of Pandemic Relief: Labor and Family Policies in Denmark, Germany, and the United States During COVID-19."

Past Winners

2021 - Michelle Eilers (co-authored with Abigail Weitzman), "When Attitudes and Desires Compete: Cognitive Dissonance in the Transition to Adulthood"; Katherine Hill, "Families with Health Issues and Disability and Selection into the Gig Economy" (honorable mention)

2020 - Hyungmin Cha (co-authored with Abigail Weitzman), "What Explains Socioeconomic Disparities in Early Pregnancy Rates?"; Inbar Weiss (co-authored with Guy Stecklov), "Assimilation and Ethnic Marriage Squeeze in Early 20th Century America: A Gender Perspective" (honorable mention)

2019 - Inbar Weiss and Kevin Dahaghi, "Revisiting the Relationship between Education and Marriage in an Era of Rising Student Loan Debt"

2018 - Shannon Malone, "Gendering the Police Talk: Black Girls, Black Boys, and Making It Home"; Rachel Donnelly, "Can Spouses Buffer the Impact of Discrimination on Depressive Symptoms? A Comparison of Same-sex and Different-sex Marriages" (honorable mention)

2017 - Chelsea Smith, "Changes in Mothers’ Co-Residential Partners and Children’s Risk of Maltreatment"; Beth Cozzolino, "Flat Broke without Children: Policing Nonresident Parents in Child Support Court" (honorable mention)

2016 - Brandon Robinson, "Lumpen Families and Parental Rejection: Gender, Sexuality, and Family Instability in LGBTQ Homeless Youths' Lives"; Caity Collins, "Work-Family Policies and Working Mothers: A Comparative Study of Germany, Sweden, Italy, and the United States" (honorable mention); Beth Cozzolino, "Spending Rules, Scarcity, and Mothers' Reported Child Support Expenditures" (honorable mention)

2015 - Kate Averett, "Queer Parenting at the Gender Buffet: LGBTQ Parents Resisting Heteronormativity"; Kate Prickett, "Maternal Education and Investments in Children’s Health" (honorable mention)

2014 - Yujin Kim, "The Associations between Black Men’s Imprisonment and Black Women’s Non-Martial Fertility Rates: A County-Level Analysis"; Caity Collins, "The Promise and Limits of Family Policy: Working Mothers in Western Germany" (honorable mention)

2013 - Mieke Thomeer, "Marital Processes around Depression: A Gendered Perspective"

2012 - Amy Lodge, "All Shook Up: Sexuality of Mid- to Later-Life Married Couples"

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