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Lecture “HIV/AIDS in Eurasia” by Professor Cindy Buckley

Wed, December 2, 2009 | Chicano Culture Room Texas Union 4.206

2:00 PM

HIV/AIDS in Eurasia: Rising Concerns over a Growing Epidemic

Professor Cynthia Buckley  

Director, Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

With the number of people living with HIV thought to be well over one million, Eurasia represents one of the fastest growing regions of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Providing an overview of the Third Annual East European and Central Asian AIDS Conference, I focus on two questions.  Can the experiences of the past 30 years of state and society struggles over HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs inform our understanding of how the pandemic is unfolding in Eurasia? What can the experiences of countries like Ukraine (where the epidemic is now generalized) and Russia (which steadfastly refuses to consider harm reduction approaches) tell us about the current HIV/AIDS pandemic?  With a focus on the epidemiological development of HIV in Eurasia, this paper examines the generalizable and unique characteristics of the pandemic across the region and provides a critical assessment of present and future estimates of HIV prevalence, incidence and transmission pathways.

Sponsored by the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies.

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