Department of Sociology

Sociology Honors Colloquium

Tue, December 8, 2009 | BUR 214

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Light refreshments will be served.


1:15 pm
Kaitlin Andryauskas
Crime in West Campus: The Effects of Increased Density in a High-Income Area
Populated by College Students
Supervisor: Dr. Keith Robinson
Second Reader: Dr. Paul Adams, Urban Studies

1:45 pm
Nicole Clonts
Drying up and developing away: Water Issues for Small Farmers in Bell County
Supervisor: Dr. Sharmila Rudrappa
Second Reader: Dr. Simone Browne

2:15 pm
Laura Hudson
Yuppies in My Backyard: The Effects of Amenities on Residential Location
Choice Behavior of Gentrifiers in Low Income Austin, Texas Communities
Supervisor: Dr. Shannon Cavanagh
Second Reader: Dr. Bill Kelly

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