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Sociology Brown Bag: "Atomic Memory: The Political Aesthetics of Race, Gender, and Trauma in the Museum"

Tue, September 27, 2011 | BUR 231

12:00 PM

Graduate students Vivian Shaw, Christine Wheatley and Ori Swed discuss their fieldwork in Japan, Mexico and Israel.
Atomic Memory: The Political Aesthetics of Race, Gender, and Trauma in the Museum

Vivian Shaw will discuss her summer 2011 fieldwork in Japan, researching three museums related to World War II and the atomic bombings, the Hiroshima Peace Museum, the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, and Yasakuni Shrine/Yushukan museum, a controversial "war heroes" shrine and museum in Tokyo. Her project looks at the aesthetics of trauma and memory in these spaces as political discourses on nationality, race, and gender. In this talk, Shaw will also evaluate her research process, including challenges and theoretical shifts encountered in her fieldwork.

Deportation and Migration in Jalisco, Mexico
Christine Wheatley’s research interests center on processes of deportation, both as a form of exclusion and of forced return migration, a critical and understudied area with consequences for sending and receiving nations, and migrants themselves.  In the summer of 2010, with funding from the Mellon Foundation, she conducted a first phase of pre-dissertation ethnographic fieldwork work across Jalisco, Mexico, gathering over 50 interviews discussing the similarities and differences between voluntary and involuntary return.   This summer, with support primarily from the E. D. Farmer International Fellowship via The Mexican at UT, Christine returned to Jalisco for a second phase of pre-dissertation fieldwork in order to clarify the primary research questions that will form the basis of her dissertation project.  Since the research project is still exploratory, she visited a number of new towns but spent most of her time in the various hometowns of return migrants that she visited in 2010, conducting follow-up interviews with returnees (most of whom migrated to the U.S. without proper documents) in order to begin to assess how the experience of return changes over time.  
The dynamics of Violence between Sate and Terror Organizations in Israel and Palestine

Ori Swed’s summer research was an archival data collection in Israel as part of a project of examining the dynamics of violence between state and terror organizations. The research uses the case study of the Second Intifada, a conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, which took place in 2000-2005. Ori’s primary research in Israel was collecting information and data in archives and libraries on the conflict. The complimentary aspect of Internet data collection and theory analysis is being done in Austin.

Pizza will be served; please bring a beverage.

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