Department of Sociology

Zai Liang - "From Chinatown to Every Town: New Patterns of Employment for Low-skilled Chinese Immigrants"

Fri, February 17, 2012 | BUR 214

12:00 PM

Zai Liang, Professor, Department of Sociology and Center for Social and Demographic Analysis, University at Albany, State University of New York

One major aspect of Dr. Liang’s current research is the study of how migrant children fare in China’s history-making migration and urbanization process.  Specifically, he studies equality of educational opportunity, access to health service, and health outcomes such as self rated health, mental health, and mortality for children in destination cities as well as for migrant children left behind in rural China using most update data from censuses and surveys. Some of the most important issues examined so far include: patterns of migration during 1950-2010, rural industrialization and migration, consequences of migration for women and children, migration and rural transformation.  The second major aspect of his research is on international migration from China to the United States. A more recent project, sponsored by the Russell Sage Foundation, examines new settlement patterns of low skilled Chinese immigrants in the U.S.


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