Department of Sociology

"SOC^3: Social Networking, Social Ties, Social Media - Making Professional Connections in the Digital Age"

Wed, February 29, 2012 | BUR 214

11:00 AM

Quiche and fruit will be served for this brunch event.

The Strength of Medium Ties
Nicholas Reith will discuss some essential tips about creating and sustaining “medium ties” in your professional networks.  Drawing on his previous experience working for the United Nations, Nicholas will break down the nuts and bolts of networking and informational interviewing needed to secure a position in a competitive job market, from strategizing, to schmoozing, all the way to the interview process. Nick will also talk about how to strategically develop your “medium ties” so as to make your dream career a reality.

Tumbles and Tweets: Cultivating Your Online Presence
Amias Maldonado will talk about the risks and rewards of utilizing social media to further your academic career.  From Twitter to blogging to online journals, there are a myriad of spaces now available for academic discussion and networking outside of the university, but how and why should a busy graduate student or professor get involved?  Amias will also provide a short primer of outlets available for those interested in online public sociology and discuss the importance of creating an online presence for those on the job market.

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