Department of Sociology

David Glisch-Sanchez - "Thinking Outside the Box: Assessment Strategies/Practices for the College Classroom"

Mon, April 16, 2012 | BUR 214

10:30 AM

This interactive, hands-on workshop is a forum to discuss and gain practical tools regarding the role of assessment, in it’s broadest sense, in the sociological classroom.  We will consider and address how to design an assessment strategy for a course, and what assessment tools exist and their associated best practices.  Additionally, we will consider how a teacher can assess a student’s learning and studying practices before they even enter the classroom.  Please bring with you to the workshop at least three course goals from a class you have taught or would like to teach.  A worksheet has been attached to aid you in developing or writing these goals.  Although this workshop has been designed for a sociology audience, it may also be appropriate for teachers in other disciplines/fields, especially in the social sciences.  All are welcomed to attend!

Facilitator: David Glisch-Sánchez

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