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Brown Bag - Comps and Defending Your Proposal

Thu, October 4, 2012 | BUR 214

10:30 AM

Comps and Defending Your Proposal: Secrets and Unexpected Benefits of the Initiated

Christine Wheatley and Jane Ebot

Christine Wheatley completed her comprehensive exams in political sociology in April 2012 and is currently writing her dissertation proposal. Her dissertation project explores migrant experiences of deportation from the U.S. and return to Mexico. She will be sharing her reflections on how she managed the pressures while preparing for and taking her exams, the value that the exams have had for her, and how they have informed her dissertation project and the process of proposal writing.

Jane Ebot will be doing a short presentation on how to maneuver through the comps process (talking to comps chair, making your reading list, scheduling reading, and the 2 week countdown to the exams).  Additionally, Jane will be detailing the dissertation proposal process, including: thinking about your research questions, meeting with your advisor, picking committee members, writing, and how to manage the actual defense.

Tacos and fruit will be served.

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