Department of Sociology

Kenneth Brown - "Cultures of Co-Existence and Segregation in Haifa: A Middle Eastern Urban Crossroads from the Palestinian Mandate to the Present"

Wed, November 28, 2012 | SAC 1.106

4:00 PM

The lecture focuses on social change over a century from Mandate Palestine to the present state of Israel examining the social, economic and political consequences of the wars since 1948 for the changing urban population.

Professor Kenneth Brown, originally from Los Angeles, lives in Paris where he is director and founding editor since 1991 of the biannual review Mediterraneans/Méditerranéennes. His book, People of Salé: The Social History of a Moroccan City (Harvard University Press) is a classic in urban history.

Presented by the Department of Sociology, the Center for Middle East Studies and PHS (Power, History and Society Network)

For additional information, please contact Bryan Roberts ( or M Maya Charrad (

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