Department of Sociology

Sociology Honors Colloquium

Mon, December 10, 2012 | BUR 214

2:00 PM

We hold a colloquium at the end of each long semester to provide an opportunity for our Honors students who have finished their theses to present their work to an audience of faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate peers.  Three excellent students will be presenting this fall:

2:00: Taylor Orth
         Thesis Title: "Fertility Within Interracial and Interethnic Marriages in the United States"
         Supervisor: Keith Robinson
         Second Reader:  Shannon Cavanagh

2:30: Katryna Watkins
         Thesis Title: "A Preventable End: An Examination of the Criminalized Insane through the Life and Death of Sophia King"
         Supervisor: Ben Carrington
         Second Reader: Joao Vargas, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies and Anthropology

3:00: Cristina Flores
         Thesis Title: "Media Representation Creates Two Tales of the Drug Violence Occurring on the U.S.-Mexico Border"
         Supervisor: Bryan R. Roberts
         Second Reader: Luis Carcacamo-Huechante, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Light refreshments will be served.

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