Department of Sociology

Sociology Honors Colloquium

Mon, May 6, 2013 | CLA 1.302B

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

9:30:  Opening Remarks

9:35-10:00:  Keali Pratz: "'Dirty Sixth Street' and the Prevalence of
Underage Drinking"
(Supervisor: Bill Kelly, Sociology; Second Reader: Doug Coulson, Rhetoric
and Writing)

10:00-10:25: Emma Poorman: "Criminalization, Public Health, and
Incarceration: Examining
the Effectiveness of Mental Health Jail Diversion Programs"
(Supervisor: Bill Kelly, Sociology; Second Reader, Mary Rose, Sociology)

10:25-10:50: Travis Singley: "Examining the Relationship Between
Substance Abuse and
Treatment Readiness in Inmate Populations"
(Supervisor: Mark Warr, Sociology; Second Reader: Jemel Aguilar,
Institute of Urban Policy Research and Analysis)

10:50-11:00:  Break

11:00-11:25: Ian Bratcher: "NORMAL and the American Marijuana Movement"
(Supervisor: Michael Young, Sociology; Second Reader: Javier Auyero,

11:25-11:50: Saif Kazim: "Advocacy After Catastrophe: Law and Social
Movements in the
Bhopal Case"
(Supervisor: Michael Young, Sociology; Second Reader: Penny Green,

11:50-12:15: Philip Bartholomew: "The Effect of Cash Out Refinancing on
the Racial-Ethnic
Wealth Gap"
(Supervisor: Keith Robinson, Sociology; Second Reader: David Kirk,

12:15-12:45:  Lunch Break

12:45-1:10: Rachel Donnelly: "Are Health Returns to Education Changing?
An Examination of
Education and Self-Rated Health in 1972 and 2011"
(Supervisor: Bob Hummer, Sociology; Second Reader: Mark Hayward,

1:10-1:35: Audria Choudhury: "Comparing State Formal and NGO Non-Formal
Education in Bangladesh: A Case Study of BRAC"
(Supervisor: Ron Angel, Sociology; Second Reader: Alice Batt, Rhetoric
and Writing)

1:35-2:00: Alisha Patel: "The Search for a Socially Just Health Care
System: A
Comparative Analysis of Health Care Policy Among Six Democratic Nations"
(Supervisor, Ron Angel, Sociology; Second Reader, Sheldon Ekland-Olson,

2:00-2:10:  Break

2:10-2:35: Xuanren (Sharron) Wang: "Who Has Been Hurt More by the Great
Recession? A Comparison of Trends in Unemployment Among Immigrants and
Native-Born Americans"
(Supervisor: Nestor Rodriguez, Sociology; Second Reader, John Butler,

2:35-3:00: Maribel Falcon: "An Investigation of Xicana Identity through
Social Media"
(Supervisor: Nestor Rodriguez, Sociology; Simone Browne, Sociology)

3:00-3:25: Crystal Guevara: "The Acculturation of Immigrant Youth in the
American School
(Supervisor: Nestor Rodriguez, Sociology; Second Reader: Emilio Zamora,

3:25:  Closing Remarks

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