Department of Sociology

PHS Middle East Working Group - "Discussions on Overseas Fieldwork Research: Bureaucracy, Preparations, and Research"

Tue, October 22, 2013 | CLA 1.302D

5:00 PM

The purpose of this workshop is to serve as an open a forum to discuss bureaucratic issues regarding our fieldwork research preparations. We plan to share information on how to make our fieldwork research productive and fruitful while also ensuring our own emotional health. Graduate students whose research areas are not within the Middle East are also welcome as our discussions will not be exclusive only to the region. Our discussions will cover required administrative preparations before trip and research experiences at the fields. If you are preparing for your fieldwork trip, have already finished your overseas research, or are interested in fieldwork research in general, please feel free to come to our workshop. For a lively discussion, we invited three graduate student panels who have either completed their fieldwork or are planning to leave for research: Eric Borja (Sociology, Brazil), Rachel Sternfeld (Government, Egypt), and Amina Zarrugh (Sociology, Libya).

Sponsored by Power, History and Society.

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