Department of Sociology

Fall 2013 Sociology Honors Colloquium

Mon, December 9, 2013 | CLA 1.302D

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The Fall 2013 Sociology Honors Colloquium is held at the end of each long semester to give our Honors students who have finished their theses an opportunity to present their work to an audience of faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate peers.  Five excellent students are finishing this fall.  This is the presentation schedule.

1:05  Opening Remarks  Dr. Penny Green, Sociology Honors Advisor
1:10  Emily Young, “Early Childbearing and Educational Engagement”
Dr. Robert Crosnoe, Supervisor
Dr. Kelly Fulton, Second Reader
1:30 Salimah Jasani, “The Effects of School Poverty Level on Poor and Non-Poor High School Drop Out Rates”
Dr. Keith Robinson, Supervisor
Dr. Mary Rose, Second Reader
1:50 Leah Thomas, “Impact of Mothers’ Incarceration on Children’s Long-Term Socioeconomic Well-Being”
Dr. Keith Robinson, Supervisor
Dr. Alexander Weinreb, Second Reader
2:10 Jesus  Salazar Murillo, “Historical Origins of the Gray Zone of State Power in Mexico, 1920-1950”
Dr. Javier Auyero, Supervisor
Dr. Bryan R. Roberts, Second Reader
2:30 Andrew Messamore, “Geographies of Distinction:  A Study of Space, Visibility and Upper Middle Class Identity in Texas”
Dr. Ari Adut, Supervisor
Dr. Simone A. Browne, Second Reader
2:55 Closing Remarks, Dr. Penny Green

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