Department of Sociology

Jeffrey Kane, MD

Assistant Professor of Instruction



SOC 321K • Contemporary Practice Of Medic

44940 • Spring 2018
Meets TTH 5:00PM-6:30PM CLA 0.102


This course will focus on the experience of physicians in today’s health care system. The format of the course will be lectures and interactive discussions with outside doctors who will share their personal experiences and observations from a wide range of perspectives. We will meet doctors from different specialty areas of medicine. We will discuss a variety of practice settings: private practice offices, large multispecilaty clinics, hospital systems and academic centers. We will focus primarily on doctors actively engaged in the treatment of patients, but we will also meet doctors who work in hospital administration, in medical education, in clinical and basic science research, and in international health care. We will talk with physicians who struggle with larger societal issues of medical ethics and health care economics, but we will discuss these issues from the perspective of physicians on front lines of health care delivery — not as abstractions but as daily lived experience.

Grading and Requirements: 

Given the discussion format of the course, assignments and grades will be based upon participation. Students are expected to attend all classes. Failure to attend will result in a reduction of the student’s final grade for the course as follows: for every two unexcused absences, the student will be dropped by one letter grade for the semester.

Students will respectfully engage with our visiting speakers and will write a series of short, one page responses to issues raised in class, approximately one every two weeks. There will be little outside reading and no formal exams. This course should be of special interest to students considering a career in medicine or a related field, but all interested students are encouraged to join the class.

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