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Graduate Student Forms and Instructions

1. Courses, Thesis/Dissertation Submission, Candidacy, and Graduation
2. Other Forms - TA/AI Forms and Annual Report, Fellowship and Award Forms, Research Forms
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1. Courses, Thesis/Dissertation Submission, Candidacy, and Graduation

Coursework, Thesis/Dissertation Submission, Candidacy, and Graduation

Conference, Thesis, and Dissertation Proposal Preparation Courses

  • The course scheduler collects the forms for these courses and removes the registration bars until the 4th class day. The graduate program administrator will add courses until the 12th class day. A petition letter and add/drop form will be required after the 12th class day. Signatures from the course instructor and graduate advisor will also be required.
  • The graduate advisor's signature is required in almost every case.
  • The first number in the conference and proposal courses indicates the number of hours. For summer courses, "f" indicates first term, "s" indicates second term, and "w" indicates whole session.
  • Registration bars need to be removed for restricted out-of-department courses and the following Sociology courses. Once they are removed students must register for the course themselves:

SOC X80 - Conference Courses: These require a title and the signature of the student's supervising course professor. Only one conference course can be counted in the student's area of specialization and one in their elective area. They must be taken for a grade. Conference courses from other departments can be taken pass/fail and are applied to out-of-area requirements.

SOC 698A and B - Thesis: Only the graduate advisor's signature is needed, but the supervisor and reader information must be filled in as well. Students can take 698B more than once; however, if they are completing their thesis during the second semester, they must also go to the Graduate School website and turn in the Master's Graduation Application, Thesis Submission, and other requirements as outlined on the site.

Soc X90K - Dissertation Proposal Preparation: This needs the signature of the student's doctoral committee chair. Proposal hours can be repeated and used to prepare for comprehensive exams as well as for proposal defense.


Thesis/Dissertation Submission, Candidacy, Graduation, Leave of Absence, and other forms can be found on the Graduate School website. Out-of-department coursework will require the signature of that department's graduate advisor or professor as indicated on the form.

2. Other Forms

TA/AI Forms and Annual Report

Fellowship and Award Forms

  • Application for Graduate Student Professional Development Award
    To apply for an award, please see the instructions and deadlines.
  • If a conference is within the appropriate semester application period, download and complete the application and create 3 documents with the following protocols: LastNameApp.pdf, LastNameAbstract.pdf, LastNameAccept.pdf. Email the application, abstract and paper acceptance files to the graduate program administrator. The graduate program administrator will upload the documents requesting OGS offer the applicant the award, which the applicant will have to accept and for which they must provide a short report after the conference.

Research Forms

Other Graduate School Forms

3. Web Profile Updates

4. Social Media Guidelines

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