Department of Sociology

Alexander Holt

B.A. Sociology, Wake Forest University

Alexander Holt



Race & Ethnicity, Collective Trauma, Black Feminist Thought, Racialized Health Disparities, Culture, Black Studies


Alexander Holt is a first-year graduate student in the Department of Sociology. His research interests are focused on developing cross-national and cross-generational understandings of collective racial trauma as a factor impacting contemporary identity development and mental health outcomes amongst members of the African diaspora (with a sub-focus on North American and Francophone populations). This research is heavily influenced by Black Feminist Thought and seeks to develop interdisciplinary understandings of trauma and Blackness by engaging with ideas and scholars at the theoretical and methodological intersection of Sociology, Black Studies, and Psychology.

Holt received his Bachelors in Sociology from Wake Forest University in 2020

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