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Mike Yarbrough

M.A., Columbia University

Mike Yarbrough



Education, criminology, incarceration & reentry


Mike Yarbrough is a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at The University of Texas at Austin, focusing on issues surrounding American incarceration and reentry.

Mike earned his B.A. in anthropology and biology from St. John's University and his M.A. in sociology and education from Columbia University. Before arriving in Austin, he spent nearly a decade as a middle and high school science teacher.

Mike's previous work has focused on the role correctional education plays in affecting post-incarceration outcomes for individuals transitioning out of jails and prisons in the United States. His M.A. project at Columbia examined disconnects between policymakers' concepts of in-prison educational programming -- in particular, their emphasis on vocational training -- and measured effects of vocational training relative to other types of programs. In that analysis, he argued that the same neoliberal trends that exacerbate problems upon reentry wield far too much influence over lawmakers' concepts of correctional education.

Currently, Mike is focused on clarifying the post-release impact of various types of correctional education programs across the American carceral system. Additionally, he is interested in identifying new concepts of "success" post-release that improve upon the traditional metrics of non-recidivism and employment rates.

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