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Mario Venegas

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Mario Venegas



Social Movements, Political Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Comparative and Historical Sociology


I specialize in social movements, racial/ethnic politics, and the internal politics of social movements. Via archival research and in-depth interviews, my dissertation examines how progressive activists address issues of corruption, internal repression, and expressions of inequality in their movement organizations. In three case studies of social movements in Texas: labor, LGBTQ, and the Chicano movements, I examine how styles of organizing like New Left, Alinskyism, and Business Unionism shape the ways activists hold each other accountable and how they handle cases of corruption and inequality in their organizations.  Moreover, through collaborative projects across disciplines such as anthropology and law I developed my research agenda to examine racial and ethnic politics both in the US and Latin America. These projects examine political moments like the Dreamer movement, the racial politics of tort reform, and the politics of ethnic professional classes in managing “intercultural”
health disparities in Latin America.  My research experiences make me a versatile scholar that can work across disciplines to examine political and social movements among and between racial and ethnic groups in both historical and contemporary contexts.

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