Department of Sociology

Mario Venegas

University of Texas at Austin



Social Movements, Neoliberal governance, intellectual classes-organic and traditional


My initial work on "call-out culture" within queer activist scenes has led me to study much larger structures that shape activist cultural practice in the United States. Specifically, my search has shifted me to funding structures and neoliberal governance with a key focus on the intellectual classes. With this in mind, I study how not only activists organize and direct and think about their strategies, but also how business classes organize and mobilize too. From studying queer activists to the tort reform movement in Texas, my focus on intellectuals as an analytic unit matters as they negotiate structural reforms, changes, and also have a key role in shaping discourse, cultural practice, and framing of issues. To that end I use insights of Antonio Gramsci on the intellectuals, both organic and traditional, but also intellectuals of the state and of the business classes. I want to know how intellectual classes make sense of the current form of neoliberal governance: the individual as an entrepreneurial subject, a common sense of personal responsibility, and reliance on performance measures; I want to know how these intellectual classes respond and adapt to funding structures in the environment they live in. For my purposes, how the intellectual classes of queer activists respond to a conservative funding climate and legal landscape.

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