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Thatcher Combs

Thatcher Combs


SOC F333K • Sociology Of Gender-Wb

83434 • Summer 2021
Meets MTWTHF 1:00PM-2:30PM
Internet; Synchronous
CD (also listed as WGS F322C)

What is gender and why do we need it? How is it shaped and constructed? Does gender rely solely on the dichotomy masculinities/femininities? How does gender help us understand issues of race, class, sexuality etc.? This course explores the social construction of sex and gender. This means that we will look at the ways sex and gender are social phenomena that change over time and vary across cultures. This course explores the sociology of gender. Gender is one of the most basic organizing mechanisms in society. Gender is much more than a personal characteristic of individuals; it is a system of inequality that interacts with other forms of social inequality like race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, and nationality. This course looks at the ways in which gender norms, roles, relations and practices are shaped through social structures, institutions and power relations. It also analyses how gender and sexualities are related to race, class, religion, ethnicity etc. We will also explore the following themes: feminist theory, bodies, masculinities, work, family.


Required Texts (the Dean’s Office will not accept “Course Packet” or “TBA”)

None; All readings will be posted on Canvas


Grading Policy

Grading: Grades are assigned on a plus/minus scale, where A = 93-100, A- = 90-92.9, B+ = 87- 89.9, B = 83-86.9, B- = 80-82.9, C+ = 77-79.9, C = 73-76.9, C- = 70-72.9, D+ = 67-69.9, D = 63-66.9, D- = 60-62.9, F = 59.9 or below.

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