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6 UT PhDs featured, 3 more to contribute to Dec issue of Women's Studies International Forum

Thu, September 16, 2010

The special issue on Women's Agency: Silences and Voices, for which Dr Mounira Charrad served as guest editor, features articles by several of the Department of Sociology recent PhDs. The issue will come out in December as Vol 33/6 of Women’s Studies International Forum, a key journal on gender internationally. Umut Berspinar, Deniz Gokalp, Rita Stephan, Melissa Hamilton, Sonia Frias, and Roberta Villalon will have articles; Chauntelle Tibbals, Angela Howard Frederick, and Julie Biecken will have book reviews.

This is a significant University of Texas Department of Sociology collective contribution to the study of gender in global context. Congratulations to our faculty and students for their outstanding contributions to the sociology of gender!

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