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Urban Ethnography Lab Opening in Summer 2013

Fri, February 17, 2012

The Sociology Department and the Population Research Center announce the planned opening of a new Urban Ethnography Lab.  The lab will be housed on the 3rd floor of the new CLA building contiguous with the Sociology Department’s future home.  It will be administered by the Population Research Center, and directed by Sociology Professor Javier Auyero.
According to Professor Auyero, the motivation for the Urban Ethnography Lab is to forge strong research ties between the fields of demography and ethnography and to create an environment that fosters significant cross-fertilization of conceptual frameworks and approaches.  Announcing the creation of the lab, Professor Auyero said, “Creating an Urban Ethnography Lab at the University of Texas at Austin will play a critical role in institutionalizing this initiative, provide the basis for its long-term development, and ultimately shape these fields at the national level.”
The Urban Ethnography Lab will host several activities, including ethnography seminars, qualitative analysis software workshops, a brown-bag series for graduate students and faculty, and a speaker series titled “Ethnography Meets Demography.”  The Urban Ethnography Lab also plans to award summer fellowships to advanced graduate students to conduct fieldwork.

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