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Dr. Kelly Raley Named Editor of Journal of Marriage and Family

Thu, February 23, 2012

The NCFR Board of Directors announces the appointment of Dr. Kelly Raley, Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, as editor of the Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF).

Dr. Raley, a demographer who is also the training director in the university's Population Research Center, has published extensively on changes in marriage and relationships and the causes and societal consequences of those changes. Much of her work in this area has addressed racial and ethnic differences in marriage and cohabitation, but her current line of inquiry focuses on educational variation in family formation.

NCFR President Elaine Anderson praised Dr. Raley as an outstanding scholar and sociologist. "The NCFR Board of Directors is very pleased to have Kelly Raley as the next editor of JMF. We were particularly impressed with her creative ideas for continuing to advance the journal, her suggestions for involvement of new scholars, and the depth of her understanding of the role of deputy editors. Kelly's own scholarship is highly respected, and she will bring that same degree of professionalism to her position as editor. The journal and NCFR will greatly benefit from her leadership."

"I'm honored to have this responsibility," said Dr. Raley. "I've relied on JMF throughout my career so far and I know many others do as well. I look forward to publishing the important and interesting research being generated by family scholars."

Dr. Raley began reviewing JMF manuscript submissions on February 1, 2012. Her first issue of JMF will be published in February 2013. Current JMF editor, Dr. Dave Demo, will continue to edit JMF through the final issue of 2012.

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