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Spring 2007 Student News

Thu, March 1, 2007

Professor Michael Young and student Stephen Cherry's co-authored paper, "Secularization of Confessional Protests: The Role of Religious Processes of Rationalization and Differentiation," has been selected to receive the 2006 Distinguished Article Award by the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Nicole Angotti, Jennifer March Augustine, and Aun Ali all received Liberal Arts Graduate Research Awards for 2007.

In alumni news, Ning (Kelvin) Ma, a 2004 graduate (with Master's degree) from Department of Sociology, is currently a third-year law student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is seeking admission of Wisconsin's bar association.

Jenny Trinitapoli has recently accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the School of Social and Family Dynamics (SSFD), a newly established interdisciplinary unit within Arizona State University, with an affiliation with ASU's new Center for Population Dynamics.

Amy Burdette has accepted a position as a postdoctoral research associate at UNC Chapel-Hill.

Gretchen Webber has accepted a job as Assistant Professor at Middle Tennessee State University.

Kristen Schilt, who received her MA here at Texas, and a PhD at UCLA, has accepted a job at the University of Chicago.

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