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2013-14 Graduate Student Placements

Sat, November 1, 2014

2013-14 Placements

Congratulations to:

Dustin Brown (Ph.D., 2013), NIA Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan

Chi-Tsun Chiu (Ph.D., 2013), Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University and National University of Singapore

Molly Dondero (Ph.D., 2014), NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow, The Pennsylvania State University

Jane Ebot (Ph.D., 2014), Family Planning Service Delivery Advisor, Office of Population and Reproductive Health, USAID

Joseph Lariscy (Ph.D., 2013), Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Research Institute, Duke University

Chelsea Moore (Ph.D., 2014), Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Isaac Sasson (Ph.D., 2014), Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv University

Mieke Thomeer (Ph.D., 2014), Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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