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Honors for Harel Shapira and Ken-Hou Lin

Tue, November 6, 2018
Honors for Harel Shapira and Ken-Hou Lin
The University of Texas at Austin

Recently, the Office of the Vice President of Research held an Associate Professor Experimental (APX) initiative for newly minded associate professors. Emerging from this initiative are research projects that will be funded by the VPR. Two of such are led by Harel Shapira and Ken-Hou Lin from the Department of Sociology.

Police Stories: The Narrative Construction of Justifiable Homicide in Police Reports 

Mary Bock, Associate Professor, Journalism

Danny Law, Associate Professor, Linguistics 

Harel Shapira, Associate Professor, Sociology 

This project is proposing to examine how police officers linguistically frame and represent incidences of justifiable homicide (i.e., either a police officer or civilian kills another person and faces no punishment) through their police reports. 

Building a Tribe in a Finance Desert: Can government step in where banks do not? 

Rachel Wellhausen, Associate Professor, Government

Ken-Hou Lin, Associate Professor, Sociology

This project proposes to document how Native American tribal governments facilitate substitutes for traditional banking, and to evaluate the effectiveness of those substitutes in improving tribal welfare. 

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